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FK Private Label

Baby Unscented Soap (12units)

Baby Unscented Soap (12units)

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12 units (7.25/unit) Includes custom belly band and shrink wrap

Indulge your little one in the tender luxury of our baby soap. Let the gentle fragrance envelop your baby's senses, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. Experience the perfect balance of cleansing, nourishing, and moisturizing, specifically designed for your baby's delicate needs. Elevate your baby's bath time routine with our lovingly crafted soap, and cherish those precious moments of bonding and care. Enriched with vegetable glycerin, our baby soap is infused with moisture-locking properties, helping to keep your baby's skin soft and supple. The combination of sodium stearate, sodium myristate, and sodium cocoate creates a creamy and mild lather that gently cleanses and purifies, while being gentle on sensitive baby skin. Carefully blended with coconut oil, palm oil, and sunflower oil, our soap provides a nourishing cleanse that respects your baby's skin integrity.

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