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Strength + Grow Rice Water Shampoo

Strength + Grow Rice Water Shampoo

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Volume: 8oz

12Units ($17.15/unit) includes custom label

Introducing our revitalizing Rice Water and Flax Seed Shampoo, a nourishing blend designed to rejuvenate your hair from root to tip. Harnessing the power of nature's finest ingredients, this shampoo combines the strengthening properties of rice water with the hydrating benefits of flax seeds to deliver a luxurious hair care experience.

Key Features:
1. Rice Water Infusion: Enriched with rice water, known for its centuries-old beauty secret in promoting hair growth and strengthening hair follicles. It helps to fortify each strand, reducing breakage and promoting healthier, more resilient hair.

2. Flax Seed Extracts: Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, flax seeds deeply moisturize the hair, leaving it soft, silky, and more manageable. They also provide a natural shine boost, enhancing the overall appearance of your locks.

3. Gentle Cleansing:Our formula gently yet effectively cleanses the scalp and hair, removing dirt, excess oil, and product buildup without stripping away natural oils or causing dryness.

4. Hydrating Formula: Infused with moisture-locking ingredients, this shampoo replenishes lost hydration, leaving your hair feeling hydrated, supple, and revitalized after each wash.

5. Nourishing and Repairing:The nourishing blend of rice water and flax seed extracts works to repair damage, smooth frizz, and improve overall hair texture, restoring health and vitality to dull, tired strands.

6. Suitable for All Hair Types:Whether you have dry, damaged, or color-treated hair, our rice water and flax seed shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and suitable for all hair types and textures.

Transform your hair care routine with our Rice Water and Flax Seed Shampoo and experience the natural beauty benefits for yourself. Say hello to stronger, healthier hair that radiates with luscious shine and vitality.


Ingredients:Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Rice Protein, Rosemary Infusion, Cocomidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Flax Seed Oil, Polyquart 10, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin & Phenoxyethanol, Ricebran Oil, EDTA

How to use:Apply a generous amount of shampoo to your scalp and hair.Massage gently, working up a rich lather.Leave on for a few minutes to allow the infusion to work its magic.Rinse thoroughly and follow with your favorite conditioner if desired.

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